Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Recipe

Remember when you were younger and you would sit in your room daydreaming of how your life would turn out? Then you got a bit older, maybe around college age, and you started to plan exactly how you would get all the things you wanted. The degree, the car, the boy, the wedding, the house. Then you got a little older and realized that you got all those things, in exactly the way you planned on getting them except the boy. You've gone through relationship after relationship, dud after dud and to no avail. What gives? What did you do wrong? Why did your hard work and determination pay off for every single aspect of your life but the love department? I'll tell you. Because there is no recipe for love.

I can hear the shock and awe now. I think there are so many girls out there thinking that if they follow set rules of what a girl should and shouldn't do that love will just fall into place. They find a good guy, they are having a good time, they are doing all "the right things" (whatever those are) and everything will progress just as expected. What is not being realized is that a relationship is two people. Two people coming together, working together, building a life together. There just aren't set steps or a check list to cross off "do all the right things" and it will work out. Love happens. For whatever reason, it just does. And when it's right, it's RIGHT, and it will last forever. But until that time comes we are left here to just figure it all out through trials and tribulations, amazing nights, incredible dates, butterflies in the stomach, heartbreak and stress. In the end though, it's the experiences that build our life and make US stronger. Stronger for when it IS right.

This blog is written for all the girls who are single and dating, in a relationship or married for years. It is dedicated to those who ever wondered "when is he going to call?" It is about those who think "should I ask him where he sees this going?" But mainly it is inspired by one of my dear best friends who daily texts, Blackberry Messages, and emails me the unending relationship questions of "but what if he doesn't ......."

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