Thursday, July 15, 2010

In The End.

I texted back and forth with Simone about this for days. She finally met up with him at a concert where they got along GREAT. Had a lot of fun and talked like nothing had really happened. Except, they clearly weren't together. Was he going to make a move? Was he going to profess his undying love for her and make everything okay again? No. None of that happened.

In the end, he went his way and she went hers. This is definitely for the best, the final meeting was a good way to get closure, to reassure herself that YES breaking up with him was the right thing because "I don't have special feelings for him, we are better as just friends."

A few weeks passed and they both ran into each other at a local bar. She was with friends, he walked in alone. Their eyes met and he stood there, fully aware of her presence but didn't wave or acknowledge. Not even a smile. They may as well have been perfect strangers who had never shared any intimate talks or time together. As infuriating as this is, it's for the best. One last nail in the coffin of the relationship that wasn't meant to be.